Welcome to the PAI Hygiene Study Club


As technology and science continue to progress, the role and responsibility of Dental Hygienists becomes more and more important in the overall health management of their patients. The need for hygienists to focus on continuing education is essential due to clinical studies showing a direct connection between an individual’s oral health and general health.

The Periodontal Associates, Inc. (PAI) Hygiene Study Club was created to provide a FUN, continuous learning environment that will advance your careers and the future of Dental Hygiene.

In addition to providing an interactive way for members to learn, our meetings also allow members to meet fellow Dental Hygienists in the area, exchange ideas, review new products and discuss upcoming advances in their profession. Each meeting qualifies for 2.5 continuing education credits and features lectures that provide valuable insight for hygienists to share with his/her practice and patients.

Earn CE credits that help you stay current with your continuing education over food, drinks & great company.


Be part of a lively community of dental professionals who are committed to advanced learning within their profession.


Have access to the latest information about products, patient management and other news regarding dental care.


Enjoy networking opportunities and the camaraderie among fellow hygienists through our meetings, where you will be able to interact with experts in the field and listen to the latest developments in dental hygiene.

Take advantage of the chance to advance in your profession and be the BEST hygienist you can be!


2018 PAI Hygiene Study Club Events

This interactive 3-part series of educational sessions provides Dental Hygienists the opportunity to gain keen insight into the decision-making process of determining endodontic disease versus periodontal disease, effective smoking cessation counselling techniques, rapid orthodontic treatment in conjunction with periodontal surgery and how to become the patient’s most trusted advocate for a TEAM approach to their OVERALL care.

Wednesday, April 4th 6:30-9pm (2.5 CEUs)

All Natural Oral Hygiene Products: Myth & Marketing vs. Facts & Science

Drs. Roger Hess & Jason Streem


Wednesday,  June 13th 6:30-9pm (2.5 CEUs)

Plastic Surgery Topics of the Head & Neck

Wednesday September 26, 2018 6:30-9pm (2.5 CEUs)


Smoking Cessation Counselling

Michael F. Roizen, MD – Award-winning author & Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic

All Courses at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven
6111 Landerhaven Dr., Mayfield Hts., OH 44124

Registration – 6:00-6:30pm

Program – 6:30-9pm (2.5 CEUs)